In this Body + Soul Healing Program

You will experience a homecoming you never dreamed possible.

You will:

  • Feel like yourself again.

  • Re-find you.

  • Feel freedom and joy in your body perhaps for the first time ever.

  • Know how to “know” what your body needs rather than deferring to “experts” or Dr. Google.

  • Connect with your intuition and inner guidance so you always know the path forward that is right for you.

  • Feel at home in your body, instead of feeling like you are a prisoner or living with something you do not like.

  • Learn to honor and trust your body, and dive into true self-love.

  • Connect deeply into feeling your soul’s guidance.

  • Understand your soul gifts and start to live into them and watch the miracles and magic start to unfold in your life.

Welcome Home to You will guide you in the healing journey so that you can have these things.

Welcome Home to You- Body + Soul Healing Program will:

  • Guide you to rewire and heal past life and present life karmic patterns so that you have a clean slate to re-imagine and re-create your life.

  • Bring you into a deep state of awareness and acceptance of your body, instead of being in a constant battle with it.

  • Your relationships will start to shift and flourish in ways you never imagined.

This is a unique program that integrates:

Soul Healing via the Akashic Records, coaching, and physical healing with energy work and acupuncture (if in-person).

Combining the guidance, awareness, and presence you receive in the healing coaching sessions with the deeply healing in-person acupuncture + medical qigong healing sessions will elevate your healing to a whole other level.

The Welcome Home to You Body + Soul Healing Program Includes:

  • Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading ($1,000 value).

    This reading is the gateway to your soul. In it you will learn: who you are at soul level, what innate gifts your soul has, and what challenges naturally come with them. The readings also help you understand where you have been blocked energetically from aligning to your soul’s path by negative karmic patterns from past lives and your present life. For all the details, please visit the Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading Page.

  • Gifted Soul Self-Study program so you can deep dive on your soul gifts. ($199 value)

  • The Chakra Healing Program to guide you in the healing and rewiring process. These are practices you will be able to revisit time and time again. ($397 value)

  • Six  45-minute coaching sessions ($1,500 value)

    These coaching sessions are laser focused to help you get exactly what you need out of our time together, and include breathwork exercises, guided meditations, Ray of Light Healing, energy acupuncture, in addition to coaching to help you fully integrate this work.

  • Six 60-minute In-Person Healing Sessions with 5-Element Acupuncture + Medical Qigong ($1,500 value) (Distance healing is available for clients who are not local).

  • Bonus: Guided Chakra Healing Meditation ($500 value)

    You’ll start the Guided Chakra Healing Meditation after your Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading to help the rewiring and healing process of your nervous system, your energetic body,and your soul. It clears out and heals all of the old wiring from the negative karmic patterns that came up in the reading, and activates your DNA, returns your nervous system to the rest and restore and out of fight/flight/freeze, and heals the chakras (energy vortices) in your physical and energetic body. This healing meditation is PURE GOLD, and when done daily for 30 days it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

  • Total Value: $5,096

    The investment is just $2,499, or four monthly payments of $633!

    We start with the Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading. Once you sign up for the program, Dr. Julie will be in touch within 24 hours to schedule it.

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What People Are Saying

I completed a Soul Realignment session with Julie a few weeks ago. I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed by past events that were constantly replaying in my mind. I felt limited in my life and struggled with moving forward. The session was eye-opening and helped me to release old energy and negative thoughts. I did the afterwork that Julie recommended and within a few days I was already on a path to achieving the next steps in my life's work. I feel rejuvenated and on a path to a much better life. Julie's work at the soul level is probably what everyone needs, but so few people have ever had the chance to experience.”  L.A.G.

“I can't say enough great things about working with Julie! The experience has been nothing short of profound. I really struggle with finding time for self-care and the fact that I can do this in the comfort of my own home makes it perfect for me.  The guided chakra healing meditation has been amazing. I am able to quickly and easily get into a very deep meditative state, unlike any other guided visualization I've tried. With each session combined with the laser coaching I feel renewed and the benefits have been cumulative. Initially I noticed better sleep, which was huge, but in the past few weeks I've also noticed myself making better choices for my health, gravitating towards more positive things and even fewer energy slumps! Thank you, Julie!” M. L.

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