Soul Remembrance Self-Study Program

When you are fully aligned to your soul gifts, life is fun!

You thrive!

Abundance flows easily to you from all aspects of life including relationships, money, and love.

You’re in a constant state of flow, everything flows easily, and you don’t get ruffled like you once did by the little things.

You always know when something is right for you or not, and you know longer second guess yourself, or have self-doubt. You trust yourself.

Soul Remembrance is Born!

There was so much information in your initial Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading, I know it can be challenging to remember and practice all that was discussed.

Many of you turn to private coaching with me afterwards to help refine and hone your skills at stepping into soul, but I wanted to create a program that you would all be able to do, regardless of whether you choose to coach with me or not.

I want you to have continued access to and remembrance of your soul gifts and guidance for how to step into alignment regardless. I know, there are so many facets, that it can feel overwhelming.

SOUL REMEMBRANCE is for you if:

  • You gained much insight into your current life patterns and circumstances, but you want to dive deeper.

  • You have so much more awareness now that you are on the right path for you, but you want more guidance, because you can feel that there are still some blocks and things fully keeping you from aligning to who you are at soul level.

  • You feel overwhelmed at times by all the different areas you could focus on to bring yourself fully into alignment.

  • Perhaps there was one particular aspect of the reading that really stood out to you, and you have been fixating and focusing on that, but you realize that there was so much more, and you don’t really remember anymore, and you don’t want to go back to re-listen to the entire session again.

  • You want to have easy access to the key parts of your reading to go back to and practice aligning to soul, one part at a time.

What does Soul Remembrance include?

Soul Remembrance has 4 Modules PLUS a Bonus Healing Meditation that revisit:

Module 1. Who you are at soul level

  • Your primary energy centers (your super powers) including the positive aspect of the gifts and the negative polarities that can create challenges for you when you are not fully aligned with them.

  • Your soul group of origination and the primary issues these souls encounter.

Module 2. How to bring all of these aspects into alignment

  • Building from the previous week of who you are at soul level, this module helps you understand how to integrate all of that.

  • Reminder of what aligned actions are, and why that is the essential KEY to stepping into soul.

  • How to know you are on the right path, by recognizing how it feels when you take aligned actions.

Modules 3-4. Chakra primer

  • Chakra by chakra breakdown of how each one energetically affects your body, and guidance for bringing each one back into balance, based on the negative karmic energetic patterns we uncovered in your reading.

  • How to embody the positive aspects to new create positive karmic patterns through each of the chakras.

Module 5: Yoga postures/breathwork practices/mantras to heal the chakras

  • Kundalini yoga postures, mantras, and breathwork practices specific to each chakra to further help you integrate the healing process and embody new aligned actions that will bring you back into alignment with your soul gifts.

Bonus Module 6: Guided Healing Meditation

  • Guided healing meditation to heal your chakras, golden web, god spark, and activate your DNA to fully integrate your alignment to soul.

You will receive one module a week over the course of 6 weeks, with the intention that you spend one week for each module integrating and practicing the information discussed. You will have access to this course indefinitely so that you can revisit it again and again.

The total value of this program is $497, but I am offering it for just $197, because I want it to be accessible to everyone.

And as a bonus to anyone who signs up by January 31, 2022, I am adding in a Bonus 30-minute Coaching session ($125 value) with me to get you started on your way!

Step further into alignment today!

You also have the option to add on private coaching sessions with me!

This includes 2, 30-minute laser coaching sessions (plus the bonus session above if you sign up by January 31st!)

to really help you integrate everything in the program.

Total Value is $747,

but your VIP investment is just $447.

Step into VIP support today!

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