Akashic Records Soul Realignment Journey

Akashic Records Soul Realignment Readings help you understand who you are at soul level, and what innate gifts your soul has. The readings also help you understand where you have been blocked energetically from aligning to your soul’s path by negative karmic patterns from past lives and your present life.

The Akashic Records Soul Realignment Journey is for you if:

  • You are ready and willing to make changes in your life in order to feel aligned with who you are at soul level.

  • You want clearer understanding of past or current situations in your life, and new things you can do moving forward to feel more fulfilled, and experience more happiness, joy, and abundance.

  • You are ready to let go of what no longer serves you so that you can attract in what does serve you.

  • You are looking for clarity as to what is next for you (for example if you are going through a career change, or life transition).

In the initial reading you will learn:

  • Who you are at soul level, your divine, innate gifts, and how your soul is wired to create and interact with other beings.

  • What negative karmic patterns (from past lives and this present life) have been energetically impacting you, which have been keeping you from living into your true self, and your soul’s divinity

  • Clear steps you can start taking immediately to create new soul-aligned patterns that will help you live into your soul’s nature, which allows you to create an abundance of whatever it is that you desire.

  • The reading also includes an energetic clearing which clears out the old, negative karmic patterns that have been getting in the way. After the clearing it becomes much easier to make new and aligned choices!

You will also come away with:

  • Insight as to why you are prone to certain health or physical conditions

  • An understanding of why you keep attracting the wrong people into your life.

  • Insight as to why money just seems to slip through your fingers, no matter what you do.

  • An understanding as to why your romantic relationships seem like such a struggle.

  • Insight into why you’ve always felt like everything you’ve done had to be difficult.

  • An understand as to why you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again.

And once you have the understanding of these things, you will be able to CREATE what you actually WANT, because awareness is KEY!

What to expect for your Akashic Records Soul Realignment Journey:

The initial Akashic Records Soul Realignment reading lasts 60-90 minutes. In this reading, Dr. Julie will share with you what she has learned about your soul, and give you clear guidance as to what you can do to start making changes to bring you back into alignment with who you are at soul level. She will also do the energetic clearing in your Akashic records of all of the old patterns that no longer serve you, creating a clean slate for you.

After the reading, Dr. Julie will send you an audio recording of the reading, as well as an email with your homework and action steps. :-)

And then you will have 4 integration sessions with Dr. Julie to use over the next 3 months. They expire 90 days after you Reading.

These Integration coaching/healing sessions are designed to:

  1. Deepen your understanding of what came up in the reading: the unhelpful patterns you have been living and creating in your day-to-day life, how you have been misaligned to your soul gifts and…

  2. Guide you back into alignment, and guide you in the rewiring of your nervous system as you create healthy, aligned ways of being in your life that will benefit you, the people in your life, and bring you more joy, love, and a sense of fulfillment.

The total value of The Akashic Records Soul Realignment Journey is $2197 and includes:

  • Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading ($1,000 value).

  • Four 45-Minute Integration Sessions ($1,000 value).

  • Gifted Soul self study program to help you go even deeper into understanding your soul gifts ($197 value).

But your investment is just three payments of $333 or $900 pay-in-full.

If you have any questions, please schedule a complementary Discovery Session. Otherwise, if you are ready to go, you can sign up and schedule your Akashic Records Soul Realignment session now!

Akashic Records Readings: What are they, How do I do them, and How can they help you?

A note from Dr. Julie

I’ve been observing recently that people are in a major state of information overload and it’s wreaking havoc on their emotional wellness and nervous systems.

More than EVER they are addicted to consuming information in their quest for understanding, guidance, and healing. They seek it from the news, social media, teachers, books, psychics, astrologers, podcasts, classes, trainings, etc.

The result of this is they don’t know which way to turn, they don’t know who to believe, or what to do next.

That’s because you can only consume so much before full on confusion sets in.

This is why I have stopped offering stand-alone Akashic Records readings.

The Akashic Records readings that I do are kind of like a Swiss army knife of soul healing.

These readings are multifunctional, enlightening, and deeply healing. They guide you to the root of who you are and uncover past life patterns that have been keeping you from stepping into the essence of you.

There is a TON of information in them, but they’re meant not to be taken so much as information as AWARENESS of the unhelpful patterns that have taken you out of alignment with your soul so that you can start to change your life and heal.

I have done many readings for information seekers. They sign up because they are curious, but they are not really interested in making changes in their lives now. Knowing the past life stories and their soul gifts can make for interesting story telling, and deepen their understanding of who they are, AND maybe they might make a change or two, but that’s not why they signed up for it.

I almost never hear from the curious clients again. They take the information and then they’re on to the next thing.

And while there’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself, I’ve decided I am not going to contribute to information overload anymore. I’m not going to feed the addiction.

I much prefer to open up space in my schedule for people who are READY to receive the deep healing that these readings provide, and READY to do the work to integrate the healing into their lives.

They are ready to:

  • Get to the root of the burnout once and for all

  • Heal their romantic relationship and/or attract their ideal partner

  • Heal their familial relationships and friendships

  • Have a clear path forward in regards to their career or next steps for where they are in their lives (such as empty nesters, retirees, in job transition).

  • Understand why they keep finding themselves in the same unhelpful patterns and situations again and again.

They long for more joy and love in their lives

They desire to free themselves of the chains they’ve put themselves in

They KNOW they are meant for more, and they are tired of playing small.

To break any unhelpful pattern/behavior you HAVE to do something new, which automatically takes you out of your comfort zone. This can feel scary, especially at first, which is why it is SO helpful to have someone who can support, guide, and cheer you on as you do it- which is my favorite thing in the world to do!

This is how you change your life.

Ultimately the information from the Akashic Records reading becomes a tool that guides you back to your inner knowing and your highest self.

Your knowing and guidance is WITHIN you. My only role is to guide you back to this through the unraveling and rewiring of old beliefs and patterns.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic records are a fifth dimensional database that store all the choices your soul has ever made throughout its entire history. They’re like the internet- a giant web of information, but in the fifth dimension.

We use the Akashic records in this work to understand who you are at soul level- the divine gifts with which your soul was created, as well as the negative karmic patterns in lives past that have taken your soul out of alignment with its true nature.

The work here is to bring awareness to these misalignments, so that you can consciously create a life that is fully aligned to your soul’s gifts, thereby tapping into infinite abundance on all levels.

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