Akashic Records Readings

Soul Realignment- Akashic Records Readings

In this initial reading you will learn:

Who you are at soul level, at the instant in which your soul was created by Divine Source- your divine, innate gifts, and how your soul is wired to create and interact with other beings.

What negative karmic patterns (from past lives and this present life) have been energetically impacting you, which have been keeping you from living into your true self, and your soul’s divinity

Clear steps you can start taking immediately to create new soul-aligned patterns that will help you live into your soul’s nature, which allows you to create an abundance of whatever it is that you desire.

The reading also includes an energetic clearing which clears out the old, negative karmic patterns that have been getting in the way. After the clearing it becomes much easier to make new and aligned choices!

You will also come away with:

  • Insight as to why you are prone to certain health or physical conditions

  • An understanding of why you keep attracting the wrong people into your life.

  • Insight as to why money just seems to slip through your fingers, no matter what you do.

  • An understanding as to why your romantic relationships seem like such a struggle.

  • Insight into why you’ve always felt like everything you’ve done had to be difficult.

  • An understand as to why you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again.

And once you have the understanding of these things, you will be able to CREATE what you actually WANT, because awareness is KEY!

Akashic Records Readings: What are they, How do I do them, and How can they help you?

What to expect for your Akashic Records Soul Realignment Reading:

This initial session lasts 90 minutes. In this reading, Dr. Julie will share with you what she has learned about your soul, and give you clear guidance as to what you can do to start making changes to bring you back into alignment with who you are at soul level. She will also do the energetic clearing in your Akashic records of all of the old patterns that no longer serve you, creating a clean slate for you.

After the reading, Dr. Julie will send you an audio recording of the reading, as well as an email with your homework and action steps. :-) You also will have the option to schedule a complementary 20-minute follow up call 3 weeks later to debrief and ask any questions that have come up for you in the integration phase.

If you have any questions, please schedule a complementary Discovery Session. Otherwise, if you are ready to go, you can set up your session now!

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