You became a healing professional because you love to help people and share your gifts with the world…

Don’t let burnout put out your spark!

Does any of this feel like an impossible pipe dream right now?

To feel excited and energized to share your healing work with others…

To feel excited to go to work every day because you LOVE working with your clients/patients…

To feel full of fun ideas to incorporate into your business and practice…

To feel so much joy doing what you love…

If feeling joy and excitement in your work is only a pipe dream right now, track with me for a minute.

Burnout is intense.

When you’re in burnout it feels a bit like you’re in prison of sorts, like you’re trapped with no way out.

The overwhelm and the fatigue you feel at work permeate into the rest of your life, and it’s difficult to find joy.

You are likely filled with self-judgment and self-criticism for feeling the way you do, because you’re supposed to be loving your work.

And you’ve probably already done a lot to try to help you feel less burned out.

Maybe you’ve changed up your schedule and reduced your hours some.

Maybe you’ve been trying to have better boundaries with your clients.

Maybe you have added in self-care and you get regular treatments, facials, manis/pedis, do yoga, exercise, eat decently, drink water, take supplements.

Maybe you’ve read some self-help books trying to understand what’s wrong with you and why you’re feeling the way you are.

Maybe you do regular yoga and meditation.

All of these things have probably helped some.

But yet, you’re still struggling.

Here’s why none of those things have healed the burnout and why the symptoms keep coming back:

They are only treating the symptoms, you haven’t gotten to the root of the problem.

Burnout is almost always a spiritual misalignment- somewhere along the way you abandoned yourself (who you really are), and now you are suffering the consequences.

The Key is To Reclaim You

  • Bring back all parts of you that you consciously or unconsciously abandoned over the years.

  • The path isn’t easy or straightforward. Reclaiming all the pieces of you is a winding healing journey, but it is so worth it.

When you reclaim you:

  • You will be clear about how to show up in your work and in the world in a way that feeds your soul and brings you joy.

  • You will never waiver from your knowing of what is for you and what isn’t.

  • You will know exactly what you need to do if you start to wobble. Stepping into this new version of you will feel a little uncomfortable and strange at first, and the healing practices you learn in Radiance will keep you grounded and bring you back when you do start to wobble.

  • Your connection to your body will be rock solid, you will never have to guess what it needs.

  • You will have a constant connection to your highest self, which will guide you and keep you on the radiant path of your soul.

Reclaim You And:

  • Feel energized, inspired, and joyful in your work again!

  • Look forward to going to work every day to see patients/clients!

  • Feel more creative!

  • Feel joy again!

  • Feel light again because the heaviness of burnout is gone!

To reclaim you and heal the burnout, you need to:

Align to who you are at soul level.

Understanding and know how to live into your soul gifts to bring you home to you.

Understand how past life patterns are impacting you now and have taken you away from YOU.

Heal and rewire your nervous system to let got of old patterns and traumas (past life and present)



Radiance is for you if you are:

  • Committed to your healing

  • Ready and willing to do the work and get uncomfortable in the process (stepping out of your comfort zone is never comfortable, but that is how you change old patterns).

In this 3 Month Program Radiance- The healer’s path to sparking renewed energy, inspiration, and joy in doing what they love you will:

Learn who you are at soul level- you will understand what your soul gifts are, how to use them, how you’ve been misaligned to them up until now, and what to do to bring yourself into alignment with them:

  • You will receive a 1:1 private Akashic Records reading with Dr. Julie which will reveal the past and present life karmic patterns that have been influencing your choices in this life that have taken you out of alignment. $500 value)

  • You’ll also receive Gifted Soul recordings that are specific for your individual soul gifts from the Akashic Records that will include the positive attributes + the challenges that those with your soul gifts tend to experience. You’ll also receive very detailed information on how to come into alignment with your gifts. ($100 value)

You will heal deeply by:

  • Rewiring and healing your nervous system: this will allow you to change your thoughts, change your reaction patterns, and heal old traumas and ways of being that are rooted in fear and stress.

  • Learning somatic (physical) practices that aid in the unraveling of the old and opening up of the new healthy and aligned patterns.

These practices include:

  • 3 Ray of Light Guided Healing Meditations that bring healing on the cellular and DNA levels in your body to assist the rewiring of your nervous system. ($1,500 value)

  • Recorded kundalini yoga practices for you to use to aid in healing your nervous system. ($500 value)

  • Recorded short breathwork and meditation practices to use on a daily basis. ($250 value)

  • Recorded Qigong (Chee gong) practices to bring you deep relaxation and steadiness throughout your day. ($250 value)

Radiance also includes:

  • 12 group Q and A coaching calls where you will receive coaching and guidance as you align to your soul. ($3,000 value)

  • Additional Modules to guide you in the healing process. ($1,500 value)

  • Private Facebook Group where you will have access to Dr. Julie where you can post questions and celebrations and commune with the other group members. (priceless)

We start November 1st.

Within 48 hours of your signing up you will get access to the Gifted Soul recordings to get you on your way with aligning to your soul gifts.

The private 1:1 Akashic Records Soul Stories readings will be scheduled first come first serve, so the sooner you sign up, the sooner you will have your reading. 😊

Total value of Radiance is $7,750

But your investment is just:

$1279 pay in full or $444/mo for 3 months

Sign up Now Pay in Full $1,279

Sign Up Now 3 Monthly Payments of $444

I completed a Soul Realignment session with Julie a few weeks ago. I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed by past events that were constantly replaying in my mind. I felt limited in my life and struggled with moving forward. The session was eye-opening and helped me to release old energy and negative thoughts. I did the afterwork that Julie recommended and within a few days I was already on a path to achieving the next steps in my life's work. I feel rejuvenated and on a path to a much better life. Julie's work at the soul level is probably what everyone needs, but so few people have ever had the chance to experience.”  


“I can't say enough great things about working with Julie! The experience has been nothing short of profound. I really struggle with finding time for self-care and the fact that I can do this in the comfort of my own home makes it perfect for me.  The guided chakra healing meditation has been amazing. I am able to quickly and easily get into a very deep meditative state, unlike any other guided visualization I've tried. With each session combined with the laser coaching I feel renewed and the benefits have been cumulative. Initially I noticed better sleep, which was huge, but in the past few weeks I've also noticed myself making better choices for my health, gravitating towards more positive things and even fewer energy slumps!

Thank you, Julie!”


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