Burnout in Healing Arts Professionals

Based on Dr. Julie’s own experience of dealing with burnout over the years, she put together this program for complementary medicine practitioners to help them find joy in their work again. In her 16 years of acupuncture practice she walked herself through burnout several times, and each time it was worse and more difficult to overcome than the one before.

It wasn’t until the last round of burnout that she realized that she had been looking in the wrong place to “fix” the burnout. Up until then she had been blaming herself for feeling unmotivated. “What’s wrong with me? I love what I do, why don’t I feel joyful about seeing patients anymore?”

Dr. Julie had always thought she felt burned out because of her schedule, or the hours she was working, or the number of patients she was seeing. She would futz with the schedule and her hours and things would get temporarily better, but then the burnout would come back, worse than before.

It was a roller coaster ride and a constant struggle to keep her joy. In fact, looking back on it, she realized that she was forcing her joy at work… She wasn’t really joyful at all. Everyday was a struggle, honestly…

However, Dr. Julie believed that she SHOULD BE grateful and joyful to be able to do the work she was privileged to be doing, because it was SO rewarding. Clearly the issue was her and not the medicine or her practice.

And so the mental blame game continued…

Until one day, she had a huge realization that made her feel so much better about the situation. It wasn’t her at all. The burnout was a symptom of something so much bigger, and she finally understood it. Once she got it, she was able to make the changes needed to bring joy back into her work life.

And because of that, Dr. Julie is super passionate about helping other practitioners find their joy again too. The world needs you. You have so much to offer, but when you’re deflated and joy-less, it’s difficult to give 100% to others.

Download this free report to learn more about how you, too, can find joy again in your practice.

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