Life and Work are Stressful

But you CAN alchemize and transmute your stress and burnout into joy and inspiration so that you can find pleasure in the little things again…

Like magic, and with a little practice…

Alchemize Burnout and Stress into Joy and Inspiration with the Magical Wellness Toolkit!

The Magical Wellness Tool Kit is for you if:

  • You are feeling burnt out and stressed.

  • You feel anxious and overwhelmed much of the time.

  • You feel exhausted and know that you are going to be completely burned out by the end of the year.

  • You wish you could feel inspired again in your work and in life.

  • You desire to feel more present with your loved ones.

  • You have tried so many things for burnout and yet the symptoms keep returning.

This Magical Wellness Toolkit is MAGICAL because the practices in it help to transform and alchemize your energy immediately into a higher frequency where you can feel and invite in joy and inspiration so much more easily, AND these will guide you into a state of greater SELF-LOVE, which is where true healing happens.

The 4- week magical wellness toolkit will give you SHORT daily practices that will help you to:

  • Feel calmer and less anxious so you can be more present with your family and friends.

  • Feel more inspiration, creativity, and fun in your life and/or work.

  • Feel and find joy even in the smallest things.

  • Feel more gratitude and less angst so that “stressful situations” that you dread become much more manageable and maybe even ok!

  • Take care of YOU so that you don’t lose yourself like you have in the past in stressful times.

  • Have the tools you can turn to when you start to feel exhausted, anxious, angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed.

If you commit to doing even one of these practices daily, it will change your life, but if you can only do a few of these a few times a week, you will still see great benefit!

These are all things that Dr. Julie does on a regular basis, that have aided tremendously in her soul-healing and transformational journey over the past few years, and she is so excited to share them with you for an incredible price. These practices have never been available to the public before.

Your Magical Wellness Toolkit Includes:

  • Journal prompts for you to use daily for a week at a time (you will get a new journal prompt each week for 4 weeks)

  • A short (8 minute) heart gratitude meditation for you to use daily ($50 value)

  • One new short guided meditation practice each week ($100 value)

  • 1 simple Qigong (Chee-gong) practice you can do anytime/anywhere (5 minutes) ($25 value)

  • 2 simple breath work practices you can use anytime/anywhere ($50 value)

  • A longer guided chakra healing meditation that is ideal for listening to before bed to help you relax and unwind the old unhelpful patterns ($200 value)

  • 2 kundalini yoga practices suitable for beginners- ($100 value)

  • One 17-minute spinal warmup series that is perfect for beginners and something I do EVERY day to get the energy flowing in your body (priceless)

  • A full, but short yoga class (30 mins) also suitable for all levels that is very relaxing and grounding and helps to relieve you of negativity. (priceless)

Total Value is $600+ but your investment is just $69!

Get Your Kit Now!

Once you purchase you will receive the first week’s email within 24 hours. If you have any trouble email us:

Also, by signing up for this, you agree that you release any and all liability for any injuries that may occur in the physical practices included in this toolkit. While everything in this toolkit is designed to be accessible to people of all skill levels, we encourage you to exercise caution within the limits of your body. Always honoring your body.

What People Are Saying

I completed a Soul Realignment session with Julie a few weeks ago. I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed by past events that were constantly replaying in my mind. I felt limited in my life and struggled with moving forward. The session was eye-opening and helped me to release old energy and negative thoughts. I did the afterwork that Julie recommended and within a few days I was already on a path to achieving the next steps in my life's work. I feel rejuvenated and on a path to a much better life. Julie's work at the soul level is probably what everyone needs, but so few people have ever had the chance to experience.”  L.A.G.

“I can't say enough great things about working with Julie! The experience has been nothing short of profound. I really struggle with finding time for self-care and the fact that I can do this in the comfort of my own home makes it perfect for me.  The guided chakra healing meditation has been amazing. I am able to quickly and easily get into a very deep meditative state, unlike any other guided visualization I've tried. With each session combined with the laser coaching I feel renewed and the benefits have been cumulative. Initially I noticed better sleep, which was huge, but in the past few weeks I've also noticed myself making better choices for my health, gravitating towards more positive things and even fewer energy slumps! Thank you, Julie!” M. L.

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