Understanding your soul’s gifts:

Increases your self-confidence and trust in yourself

Erases self-doubt

Creates a clear road map for the way forward in life, in all areas including your career, relationships, and hobbies.

Brings much needed clarity to how you show up in your relationships.

Helps you understand why you operate the way that you do in this world.

Lifts the tendency to blame yourself for what you deem your “annoying” qualities, and instead lets you embrace them as signals to help you realign to your soul.

Helps you take full responsibility for how you live your life, instead of always feeling like the victim.

When you know your soul gifts, you suddenly have a road map that you didn’t have before. For most people their gifts are often so obvious that they ignore them and take them for granted. The things that come easily for you, you might ignore, and instead focus on what is more challenging. Or you might live into your gifts because those talents come easily, but you don’t acknowledge them, you take them for granted, and end up comparing yourself to others, which does a disservice to you, and keeps you misaligned with your soul.

But when you can learn to harness your gifts and live fully through them, they become your SUPERPOWERS, and abundance flows in every aspect of your life.

Understanding your soul gifts also brings awareness to where your innate struggles lie. For many people, putting that piece together is a huge AHA for them, because it explains why they have always struggled with certain tendencies and have always thought that something was innately wrong with them. Instead, you’ll recognize that many unhelpful patterns in your life have happened because you’ve fallen into the negative aspects of your gifts by not being aligned with them, and you’ll come away with an understanding of how to realign to those beautiful gifts. This will positively impact your relationships, your work, your love life, everything.

Aligning to your soul gifts is LIBERATING.

Once you start to embrace and live into your soul gifts:

You feel oh so free

Life begins to flow much more easily in all areas including relationships, love, and money

It becomes much easier to course correct after you’ve gone astray.

Introducing GIFTED SOUL

GIFTED SOUL: Four-Week Group Coaching Program

4 Online Video Modules + 4 Group Coaching Calls

Module 1: What are your Superpowers/Soul Gifts?

Module 2: Integrating and aligning to your soul gifts

Module 3: What is your Soul Group of Origination and how does that add to your soul gifts?

Module 4: Integrating and aligning to your soul group and with your super powers

By the end of Gifted Soul you will have:

An understanding and awareness of your soul gifts and how to live into them.

An understanding how it feels to be aligned to your soul gifts.

A much greater awareness of your soul’s challenges, how they manifest, why they are what they are, and how to course correct to bring yourself into alignment with your soul gifts.

This is a deep dive into understanding and aligning to your soul gifts.

The first group starts January 17th, and it’s just $97!

Once you sign up, expect an email from Dr. Julie within 24 hours asking for specific information so that she can access your Akashic Records and find out what your super powers are. You will receive your first customized module on January 17th.

The Schedule for the Group Coaching calls will be sent out with your first module. If you can’t make it to the call live, you can submit your questions and she will address them in the call. All calls will be recorded and available to you.

Create Abundance in 2022

How is Gifted Soul different from the Akashic Records Soul Realignment Readings?

The difference between Gifted Soul and the Akashic Records reading is that in Gifted Soul, Dr. Julie only accesses your Akashic Records to discover your soul gifts, not the past life karmic patterns. Gifted Soul is a deep dive into learning about and living into your divine soul gifts. If you want to dive deep into your past life karmic patterns and how they have been impacting you, sign up for an Akashic Records Soul Realignment reading instead. :-)

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