Dive deep into healing your energetic body with the chakra healing program.

Based off of what we discussed in your initial reading with the energetic blocks that came up in each chakra, this program helps you go deeper with the healing process so that you can fully heal, let go of the old, and step into new aligned patterns, leaving that old baggage, those old wounds behind. (This is also a portion of the Soul Remembrance Program)

This is a 4 module program that includes:

  • The Chakra deep dive: their locations, their functions, and how the blocks that come up can impact them

  • Chakra Healing through yoga practice: Kundalini yoga practices for each chakra, includes individual yoga postures as well as 2 short classes and breathwork. These powerful practices heal your chakras, and your energetic and physical body, to help you let go of the old patterning and step into the new.

  • Chakra Healing Guided Meditation: This powerful meditation heals your chakras, your energetic and physical body, and activates your DNA to help you let go of the old patterning and step into the new.

  • Chakra healing through breathwork and sound current: More breathwork and mantra practices continuing off what was taught in the yoga practice module.

The total value of this program is $397, but your investment is just $149.

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